Who Needs Glue
November 23rd, 2009

Who Needs Glue

We polished up the website today and plan to do the same to the forums too. An especially important feature that we added is the “DONATE” feature. You can now donate any amount you like through PayPal and if you’re feeling super cool, you can even treat us to a coffee! All coffee and potential coffee-like donations will be thoroughly enjoyed and considered to be a huge Thank You from you, you incredibly brilliant, talented and good-looking Company-Y fan, you!

We also applied for a Project Wonderful account so that soon we will be able to offer you ads ONLY about other webcomics and to put an end to those Google Ads that most everyone probably has blocked anyway. However, some of the Google Ads are hilarious so before we take them off, you should check them out.

And now…Duct Tape. Lots of Duct Tape.

Like the comic? How about buying us a coffee? A couple of dollars will help us stay awake and make another comic.

↓ Transcript
Later that night after a cheap purchase and a long walk home...

Avery: Alright, we'll use this to secure your temporary crown in place until we can see the dentist tomorrow. Close your jaw tightly and...okay...a little more just for good measure..okay, that looks pretty good!

Avery: How does that feel?

Steven: Mmmpphhfftt-ggggg-nnhh!

The next morning, when Steven realizes he's too hungry to care...

Steven (holding cup with two straws) thinking: Alright, smoothie, we can do this. Deep breath and...go!