November 25th, 2009


In today’s post, the part of Paul is being played by Tyler (the big fat one), and the part of Angie is being played by Little dude.

That’s right, I said Angie and Paul. Avery and Steven don’t make a comic, so it wouldn’t make any sense if they were talking about making one, now would it?

Anyway, the lovely “artwork” (consisting of resizing an image and adding speech bubbles and a border onto it) was done by me, Paul, today. Angie said she’d do it, but I insisted.

Damn me, who knew making speech bubbles could take so long?

Like the comic? How about buying us a coffee? A couple of dollars will help us stay awake and make another comic.

↓ Transcript
Tyler (as Paul): So, what did you come up with for a Thanksgiving comic?

Little Dude (as Angie): I've decided not to do one. It's just pandering to break the story arc and make a one-off comic for every holiday that comes up.

Tyler (as Paul): You couldn't think of a Thanksgiving comic, could you?

Little Dude (as Angie): Nope, complete writer's block!


  1. BugGirl says:

    I love it, it’s adorable. When does Cisco make a cameo? :)