A Full Moon Is Out Tonight
November 20th, 2009

A Full Moon Is Out Tonight

So I’ve been told I’m not allowed to “MST3K” in these posts anymore. Basically, I don’t know what’s going to happen sometimes, but I come in here and write something like “oh ho ho, maybe an alien will show up and anal probe us all!” and then I get in trouble for either ruining what was going to happen, or forcing the story to avoid whatever I said.

Or for writing some stupid shit that doesn’t make any sense, but I pretty much do that whenever I write, so that can’t be avoided.

Anyway, enjoy this comic.

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↓ Transcript
Automatic doors (as they open to reveal Avery standing there looking "pimpin'" and Steven holding the side of his mouth in pain): *shht* *shht*

Avery thinking: Ooh, I should pick up some Dr. Pepper too..

Steven: Ah-ha! I think I found what we're looking for!

Phone (as random person takes picture of Steven from behind): *click!*

Steven: This looks good right here. I think I'll try some of it.

Avery: That looks like it would work. Oh, and maybe try that too...

Phone (as random person sends picture to "People of WallsMart"): *submit*