Our New Client
September 10th, 2009

Our New Client

Julian’s new film is underway but what do Avery and Steven have to do with it? Whatever it is they do, they better do it quickly! Hollywood waits for no one so that project better be completed on time!

To demonstrate his urgency, Julian recently visited Avery and Steven in their weird southern town nestled deep in the summer heat. Everyone sipped frosty brews from across town while they lounged on the back porch of the establishment and listened to the cicadas scream their nightly version of the cricket’s song.  Once the damn bugs quieted down, Julian turned to Avery and Steven and said “guys, you can’t fuck this up. This is my biggest film yet and I’m counting on you to do your part”  The northern-turned-southern couple nod their heads solemnly “You can count on us, Julian” Avery says “We’re professionals and we know how to work under heat”

But do they?

That’s a stupid question.

Seriously, just plain stupid.

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