Well Ventilated
November 3rd, 2009

Well Ventilated

I wanted to draw chaps but co-author grappled that idea and we compromised with pants.  Leather ass-less pants.

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↓ Transcript
Steven: Uh, Avery? Halloween was Saturday. And anyway, we dressed up as *Batman and Robin*..

Avery: Halloween costume? No, this is the *required attire* for shopping at Wallsmart. You're not allowed into the store withour first meeting their *strict* apparel guidelines

Steven: Oh, really? And what are those guidelines?

Avery: No idea, but I've been following this website dedicated to informing the public through *visual interpretation* of what to wear when visiting Wallsmart. I even designed our outfits based on the *information* I found there.

Avery: Great stuff really. I never would have thought to dress this way otherwise! Which reminds me...

Avery: I have osmething for you to wear, too!

Steven: Yeah, okay. I'll try it on. If it's anything like what you're wearing I think I'd rather stay *home*. And what did you say? Visual interpretation? That sounds *iffy* at best!

Steven (wearing a somewhat nice looking outfit, with button-up shirt, tie, and slacks): Not bad! Maybe that website isn't that iffy-sounding after all. This is a fairly comfortable outfit, too.

Steven (walking away with Avery, revealing that the pants have large holes in the ass-region): Woo! Seems a little breezy tonight! Does it feel breezy to you too?

Avery: Nope. Slow down a bit, I can't see very well without my glasses...

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