October 16th, 2009


Talk about a nightmare! And it’s not even Christmas Eve! (okay, I know, that was a stretch but I’m feeling the movie love tonight).

So, life isn’t all that bad.  Today Julian’s deadline got pushed to October 31st, which I think is super cool because we’re not doing anything else for Halloween so we might as well be unveiling a super awesome “thing” that we’ve been spending months on, getting less than 4 hours of sleep a night over and experiencing a general failing of heath for.  Damn, it kind of sounds like we’re going to give birth or something.

Which, is another topic. Babies. Everyone has one but us. And I’m fine with that. (mother) (you know who you are!) (I hope…)

Maybe all want-to-be mothers should take up programming. No stretch marks, no horse-pill vitamins, you get PAID to do it (usually) and it still has the added benefits of morning sickness, lack of sex, weight gain, psychotic episodes, and just when you think the worst is over – you get to support it for the next 18 years or until your understanding of it becomes obsolete.

How many times has your angsty 16-year old program stormed out of the room after having a screaming match about how you don’t understand it only to have you point out that you created it and know exactly what its going through, which enrages it to the point of spouting out how it doesn’t love you anymore and is leaving with it’s framework (which, obviously is the only REAL supporting structure in it’s life) and they’re moving into the trailer park four towns over and….yeah, I think you get my point.  Babies totally = programs.

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Discussion (3)¬

  1. she-ra says:

    Babies EVERYWHERE!!!

  2. she-ra says:

    Oh and I love the invader zim reference.

  3. imagenius81 says:

    So… no babies then? Damn. Does that mean mine will have to play alone, when I never have them…. :D