Contractor Wars
September 25th, 2009

Contractor Wars

Growing up in the construction business, you always hear horror stories about Builders from Hell (thank you, IT Crowd!) but I never really thought I’d choose such a rotten apple as I did for my roofing contractor.

We’ve had a couple good storms lately and with all good storms appear the fly-by-night contractors, storm chasers and people who are just plain trying to cash-in on the abundance of insurance money flooding the bank accounts.  Nearly anyone can lay a roof and when a storm comes along, the majority of trucks and SUVs all of a sudden begin sporting “Contractor & Sons” written on the back window in chalk and if you look closely, the sons of the business are 3 and 5 years old.

Well, I admit it.  I choose my roofing company POORLY.  The only thing “outstanding” about the company is their sales man, which promptly quit the company anyways because the owner is an “arrogant asshole.” Seriously, who requires a check upon signing the contract, cashes that check the next business day, takes 6 weeks to return a phonecall and then instead of refunding a boiling mad customer their money instead threatens to place a lien on their home without the work ever being started?

I guess Aaron Andrews of Acclaimed Roofing never heard of this very important rule of thumb.  Make a customer happy, they tell 3 people. Leave a customer angry, they tell 12 people.

Or, if you’re a starving comic writer who isn’t popular yet, you tell maybe 5 people. Because that’s about how many read your comic.

(but you guys are the 5 greatest people in the WORLD)

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  1. imagenius81 says:

    This is freaking hilarious. I love it.