The Birth Of An Idea
September 4th, 2009

The Birth Of An Idea

Enter stage left, Julian Marcus Talkington. Mr. Talkington is a well-known and highly sought-after Hollywood film director. His fans adore him, the screen worships him, and he’s a pretty cool guy, too. Taking film where no man had successfully taken film before, Julian smashed down the social barriers and brought to Hollywood a new genre never before seen.  Old West Wizardry. For those who can’t grasp this concept, think Horror with tumble weeds, dust, magic, long beards and shiny purple robes.

Julian, while bringing a fresh new look to Hollywood, successfully made his first million in three months and promptly set out to discover and purchase the last Unicorn known to man to star in his upcoming film, Beer for my Unicorn.

We’re as excited as anyone to see this new film shoot straight to the top of the box office!

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