A Breath Of Fresh Air
August 31st, 2009

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Dangit, the comic was scheduled to go up at midnight, but it didn’t for some reason.

I wonder who that could be? Probably some dang telemarketer. Or maybe it’s the President with a new secret mission for me to save the world. Again. I kinda wish that guy would stop asking me to save the world. Sometimes I just want to enjoy a little barbecue in my back yard without having to stop to battle terrorists, you know?

Oh, right. That was supposed to be top secret, so I’m going to need you all to forget that you read that. And to not go back up and read it again. Or if you do go back and read it again, read this paragraph again, too, so you forget it again, ok? Great.

Anyway, tune in on Wednesday for the thrilling answer to the question: “What takes place immediately after the events of todays strip?”

You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

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