Oh Snap!
August 24th, 2009

Oh Snap!

You’ll have o forgive me, he ‘ ‘ buon on my keyboard is going ou. Seriously, his lapop is basically from he soneage and has lived ou mos of i’s years in hell.

Wih hanks o my new commission, saving up for a keyboard is going o be a BICH!

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↓ Transcript
Steven: What happened?

Avery: Noah changed how my compensation is calculated

Steven: Well, what was it before?

Avery: 35% of sales, but now he changed it to be a percent of the profit and gave me this sheet to calculate it with!

Steven: No way! What does it come out to?

Avery (in IM): Are you serious?

Noah (in IM): I even filled in the numbers for you - Enjoy!

Computer: *scroll* *scroll* *scroll* *scroll* *scroll*

Spreadsheet: Your final cut: $58

Steven: Oh. Wow.

Avery: *barf!*

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  1. imagenius81 says:

    Hilarious and tragic… let me know if you need me to shank a bitch! (Once I figure out what that means) :)